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This is the github software repository of the BU_Wellesley_Software team for the 2011 iGEM
competition. Our repository is divided into four directories housing three applications and one

The Trumpet and OptimusPrimer directories have a single zipped file archive containing the source
code for these applications. The zipped archive contains source files in the form of a Netbeans
module. To compile and build these applications, you will need to install Java and the latest
version of Netbeans, and obtain a copy of the Clotho Core. For instructions on how to do this,
please visit our help page located at http://wiki.bu.edu/ece-clotho/index.php/DeveloperSetupNew.
Once you have built the Clotho Core successfully, unzip and untar the archives for our applications
and add them to the Netbeans Clotho module. Be sure to check and refresh their dependency on the
Clotho Core, and then build them. Finally, use Netbeans' ``Package As'' feature to build an
executable. The executable will appear in the ClothoProject/dist directory as a zipped file. To
execute it, unzip the file and execute the script file ``clotho'' or ``clotho.exe'' depending on
your operating system.

The G-nome Surfer Pro directory contains the source code required to build our G-nome Surfer
application for the Microsoft Surface. Please refer to the README file in that directory for
instructions on how to build that application.

Please visit our iGEM wiki located at http://2011.igem.org/Team:BU_Wellesley_Software to learn more
about our projects. There, you will find video tutorials, descriptions, and other details on how our
tools create and complement the synthetic biology workflow. Links to video tutorials are also
included below:

G-nome Surfer Pro : http://bit.ly/odWmBL
Optimus Primer    : http://bit.ly/qh3m5h
Trumpet           : http://bit.ly/nTCE0r
PuppetShow and 
E-Lab Notebook    : http://bit.ly/pAIqMb

We hope that you will try out our software tools.  If you have questions, please email us at

The BU-Wellesley iGEM Team
September 28th, 2011