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C++ library of algorithms for representing cloud microphysics in numerical models. Currently, the library covers three warm-rain schemes: the single- and double-moment bulk schemes, and the particle-based scheme with Monte-Carlo coalescence and aqueous phase chemistry.


A 2D prescribed-flow simulation of a drizzling stratocumuls cloud using the particle-based Monte-Carlo scheme from libcloudph++. Particle collisions enabled after a two-hour spin-up period, total time 2.5 hours.


The code is released under the terms of GNU GPL v3.

Copyright: University of Warsaw.


The library is built upon Thrust and Boost. It requires a C++11 compiler and will benefit from availability of CUDA (OpenMP can be used if CUDA is not available).


Documentation for libcloudph++ 1.0 was published as a research paper in Geoscientific Model Development.




For a list of developers see the CREDITS file in libcloudph++ repository.

Development was funded by Polish National Science Centre grants no. 2011/01/N/ST10/0183 (PRELUDIUM), 2012/06/M/ST10/00434 (HARMONIA) and 2014/15/N/ST10/05143 (PRELUDIUM).

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