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Development of libmpdata++ has been carried out at the
Faculty of Physics [1], University of Warsaw [2], Poland.
The University of Warsaw holds the copyright to libmpdata++.
The development was funded mainly by the Poland's National
Science Centre (NCN, [3]).
The development team consists of (in alphabetic order):
Sylwester Arabas
(core code, library design, OOP-formulae concepts [4],
concurrency, gnuplot output)
Dorota Jarecka
(shallow-water systems, OOP-formulae concepts [4])
Anna Jaruga
(core code, non-oscillatory option, pressure solvers,
automatic tests, OOP-formulae concepts [4], documentation [5])
Hanna Pawłowska
(team management)
Piotr Smolarkiewicz (the author of MPDATA)
(consultancy, numerics, documentation [5])
Maciej Waruszewski
(core code, extension to 3D, diffusion terms,
non-carthesian geometry, performance optimisations,
3D visualisation, open & rigid boundary conditions,
HDF5/XDMF output)