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A Free Software and Hardware Project for Automated Biodiesel Dispensing Kiosks and Coop Management Software

  • Kiosks interface with pre-existing fuel fill/transfer pumps and fuel meters, providing self-service credit-card purchases to coop/fleet members.
  • The Coop Management Software runs on a remote hosted server and manages coop/fleet accounts and one or more kiosks.
  • This software and hardware has been in operation at the [Baltimore Biodiesel Coop] ( since 2009

Kiosk Hardware:

  • SmartIO: An interface board with an 8-bit AVR microcontroller that interfaces to the hardware components of a fuel station:
    Pump, fuel meter, display, keypad, credit-card reader, electric strike, motion detector, lights, etc.
    • Serial interface to an ARM SBC in the kiosk running Linux that manages secure internet communication with the hosted Coop Management Software. An off-the-shelf Linux ARM SBC is used; the ARM SBC itself is not part of this project.
    • Schematics and board layouts using KiCad in BBD9000/Kiosk/SmartIO/hardware/v3.3/
  • Design files for secure outdoor mounting arrangements, 12 V standalone operations, etc.

Kiosk Software:

  • SmartIO: Firmware running on the AVR 8-bit microcontroller. Cross-compiled C code (avr-gcc)
    • source in BBD9000/Kiosk/SmartIO/src/
  • ARM-SBC: Software running on a single-board Linux computer in the kiosk for interfacing between SmartIO board and BBD9000-CMS.
    • Source in BBD9000/Kiosk/ARM-SBC/src/
    • Several C programs and scripts that interact using shared memory and fifos (memory layout in BBD9000mem.h).
    • Main event-driven finite state machine for kiosk automation (BBD9000fsm.c).
    • Serial communication to SmartIO (BBD9000SmartIO.c)
    • Encrypted HTTP/HTML communication to hosted BBD9000-CMS (wired/wireless/GPRS) (BBD9000server.c)

Coop Management Software: BBD9000-CMS:

  • Hosted software that communicates with kiosks, coop/fleet members and administrators using HTML/HTTP.
    • Source in BBD9000/Server/web/fcgi-bin/, supporting files/directories in BBD9000/Server/
    • Maintains per-member account, balance, sales and contact information
    • Administrative pages to keep track of inventory levels at kiosks, consolidated sales, etc.
    • Member pages to update contact info, track purchases, add family members, credit-cards, etc.
    • Credit Card Gateway communications for financial transactions (currently Card Present protocol)
    • Implemented using Perl/MySQL, deployed using [lighttpd] (


Automated Biodiesel Dispensing Kiosk and Coop Management Software - A Free Software and Hardware Project






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