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macOS System Monitor for the Status Bar
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macOS System Monitor for the Status Bar


iGlance is a small System Monitor that displays current stats about your Mac on the status bar. It is built to be highly customizable so that everyone can adjust it to his/her needs. A full list of all the features is below. If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions for new features, feel free to write them down in the Issues tab.

Status Bar

Status Bar with graphs

Status Bar


  • CPU Utilization
  • CPU Temperature
  • Memory Usage
  • Network Usage
  • Fan Speed
  • Low/High Battery Notification
  • Adjusts to Light & Dark mode


There are two possible ways to install iGlance:

  1. Download the iGlance.dmg from and manually move the app into the applications folder.

  2. Install iGlance using brew:

    brew cask install iglance



This software is published under the MIT License.

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