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The Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox (Source Code)
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Explanation of directory content

README       - this file
Makefile     - to create release archives
src          - shogun source code
doc          - documentation (to be built using doxygen)
examples     - example files for all interfaces
applications - applications of shogun
testsuite    - the shogun test suite

The following table depicts the status of each interface available in shogun:

|    interface     |     status                                                |
|matlab_and_octave | mature (no known problems)                                |
|python            | mature (no known problems)                                |
|r                 | mature (no known problems)                                |
|libshogun         | mature (no known problems)                                |
|libshogunui       | mature (no known problems, only required for static       |
|                  | interfaces)                                               |
|cmdline           | stable but some data types incomplete                     |
|                  |                                                           |
|elwms             | this is the eilerlegendewollmilchsau interface, a chimera |
|                  | that in one file interfaces to python,octave,r,matlab and |
|                  | provides the run_python command to run code in python     |
|                  | using the in octave,r,matlab available variables, etc)    |
|python-modular    | mature (no known problems)                                |
|octave-modular    | beta (although all of the features work stably, octave    |
|                  | will crash when exiting (a known bug in octave)           |
|r-modular         | pre-alpha quality (swig does not properly handle reference|
|                  | counting and thus only for the brave:                     |
|                  | --disable-reference-counting to get it to work, but beware|
|                  | that it will leak memory; disabled by default.)           |

Visit src/README and for further information.
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