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Custom UI for Apache mod_autoindex generated pages.
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Apache's mod_autoindex feature is very useful when you want to set up a simple file sharing server, but its design is trapped in 1997. By default it serves HTML 3.2.

So, I decided to give it an overdue makeover by taking advantage of modern components like Bootstrap, jQuery, Google Fonts, and Font Awesome!

Live Demo


  1. These Apache modules enabled:

    • mod_dir
    • mod_mime
    • mod_deflate
    • mod_filter
    • mod_autoindex
    • mod_include
  2. Set AllowOverride All for your virtual host's document root. For example, here's an except from an example virtual host configuration:

DocumentRoot /home/iglvzx/www
<Directory /home/iglvzx/www>
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride All
    Require all granted


Folder Path Breadcrumbs

breadcrumbs screenshot

Error Pages

HTTP 403


HTTP 404

not found

HTTP 500

internal error



before screenshot

before screenshot 2


after screenshot

after screenshot 2

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