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The AppFog CLI. This is the command line interface to

af is based on vmc but will have features specific to the AppFog service as well as having the default target set to AppFog's service

Copyright 2010-2012, VMware, Inc. Licensed under the MIT license, please see the LICENSE file. All rights reserved.

Usage: af [options] command [<args>] [command_options]
Try 'af help [command]' or 'af help options' for more information.

Currently available af commands are:

Getting Started
  target [url]                                 Reports current target or sets a new target
  login  [email] [--email, --passwd]           Login
  info                                         System and account information

  apps                                         List deployed applications

Application Creation
  push [appname]                               Create, push, map, and start a new application
  push [appname] --infra                       Push application to specified infrastructure
  push [appname] --path                        Push application from specified path
  push [appname] --url                         Set the url for the application
  push [appname] --instances <N>               Set the expected number <N> of instances
  push [appname] --mem M                       Set the memory reservation for the application
  push [appname] --no-start                    Do not auto-start the application

Application Download
  pull <appname> [path]                        Downloads last pushed source to <appname> or [path]

Application Operations
  start <appname>                              Start the application
  stop  <appname>                              Stop the application
  restart <appname>                            Restart the application
  delete <appname>                             Delete the application

Application Updates
  update <appname> [--path]                    Update the application bits
  mem <appname> [memsize]                      Update the memory reservation for an application
  map <appname> <url>                          Register the application to the url
  unmap <appname> <url>                        Unregister the application from the url
  instances <appname> <num|delta>              Scale the application instances up or down

Application Information
  crashes <appname>                            List recent application crashes
  crashlogs <appname>                          Display log information for crashed applications
  logs <appname> [--all]                       Display log information for the application
  files <appname> [path] [--all]               Display directory listing or file download for path
  stats <appname>                              Display resource usage for the application
  instances <appname>                          List application instances

Application Environment
  env <appname>                                List application environment variables
  env-add <appname> <variable[=]value>         Add an environment variable to an application
  env-del <appname> <variable>                 Delete an environment variable to an application

  services                                     Lists of services available and provisioned
  create-service <service> [--name,--bind]     Create a provisioned service
  create-service <service> --infra     		   Create a provisioned service on a specified infrastructure
  create-service <service> <name>              Create a provisioned service and assign it <name>
  create-service <service> <name> <app>        Create a provisioned service and assign it <name>, and bind to <app>
  delete-service [servicename]                 Delete a provisioned service
  bind-service <servicename> <appname>         Bind a service to an application
  unbind-service <servicename> <appname>       Unbind service from the application
  clone-services <src-app> <dest-app>          Clone service bindings from <src-app> application to <dest-app>
  tunnel <servicename> [--port]                Create a local tunnel to a service
  tunnel <servicename> <clientcmd>             Create a local tunnel to a service and start a local client

  user                                         Display user account information
  passwd                                       Change the password for the current user
  logout                                       Logs current user out of the target system
  add-user [--email, --passwd]                 Register a new user (requires admin privileges)
  delete-user <user>                            Delete a user and all apps and services (requires admin privileges)

  runtimes                                     Display the supported runtimes of the target system
  frameworks                                   Display the recognized frameworks of the target system
  infras                                       Display the available infrastructures

Micro Cloud Foundry
  micro status                                 Display Micro Cloud Foundry VM status
  micro offline                                Configure Micro Cloud Foundry VM for offline mode
  micro online                                 Configure Micro Cloud Foundry VM for online mode
    [--vmx file]                               Path to micro.vmx
    [--vmrun executable]                       Path to vmrun executable
    [--password cleartext]                     Cleartext password for guest VM vcap user
    [--save]                                   Save cleartext password in ~/.vmc_micro

  aliases                                      List aliases
  alias <alias[=]command>                      Create an alias for a command
  unalias <alias>                              Remove an alias
  targets                                      List known targets and associated authorization tokens

  help [command]                               Get general help or help on a specific command
  help options                                 Get help on available options

Simple Story (for PHP apps)

af login
af push