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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!-- Gearman parameters used on both Overlord and Drones -->
<gearman timeout="3600000">
<!-- Groups of hosts, typically each group is behind a different load balancer -->
<!-- Each host runs a Gearman worker called a Drone -->
<hostgroup name="www">
<host alias="www1"></host>
<host alias="www2"></host>
<host alias="www3"></host>
<host alias="www4"></host>
<hostgroup name="static">
<host alias="static1"></host>
<host alias="static2"></host>
<!-- Actions to run, each will be run in order, serially -->
<!-- The Overlord coordinates the execution of these actions -->
<action class="Brood\Action\Announce\Email">
<!-- Run this action on the Overlord itself (no Gearman involvement) -->
<overlord />
<!-- Action classes can take custom parameters -->
<!-- Can have multiple recipients -->
<action class="Brood\Action\Distribute\Git">
<!-- Actions are run on hostgroups/hosts concurrently -->
<action class="Brood\Action\Restart\Apache">
<!-- Within a hostgroup, concurrency can be specified -->
<hostgroup concurrency="2">www</hostgroup>
<hostgroup concurrency="1">static</hostgroup>