Open Source release of IGN's Pubsubhubbub implementation
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Open Source release of IGN's Pubsubhubbub implementation. Orinoco acts as the hub in this echosystem.

Orinoco is IGN's implementation of pubsubhubbub, but supports sending the payload to subscribers, instead of just a notification. The goal for this project is to eliminate the batch and/or polling for data which is both resource intensive, and a maintenance nightmare. This will decouple all the systems that produce data, and the ones which need data or are interested in any type of "state change" in the master (change owner) systems.

For example, folks interested in knowing when a piece of content is created, or modified, etc. can subscribe to those types of publishers.

This project provides the glue that enables cross penetration of data across all IGN properties. The code and schema is flexible, with no lock-in to any of the IGN systems or data.