A set of file templates for Xcode 4.x to create Cappuccino related classes & categories
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Objective-J category.xctemplate
Objective-J class.xctemplate


Cappuccino file template set for Xcode 4.x

This set of file templates is for those guys who want to use Xcode for coding Cappuccino web apps (instead of the missing support for syntax coloring). It is a first version, maybe incomplete...

Feel free to use it, share it & extend it!


These templates & this description is related to Xcode version >=4.3! It's the first version that comes with a single bundle installation instead of a /Developer/ installation folder of previous Xcode versions.

Links & Resources

I've found some useful hints of the Xcode template structure on these sites:


Via _git clone

cd ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/Templates/File\ Templates
git clone git://github.com/phranck/Cappuccino-Templates-for-Xcode-4.x.git Cappuccino

That's it.

Via _ZIP-file

  • Download & extract the ZIP archive
  • In Finder go to the ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/Templates/File Templates folder
  • Create a folder called Cappuccino (that is the new section in Xcode where you will find these templates after pressing cmd+n)
  • Copy the two folders Objective-J category.xctemplate and Objective-J class.xctemplate into the newly created Cappuccino folder.

You're done.