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Telegram task-manager chatbot that keeps a list with your stuff.
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TaskBot - HackUPC Winter 2017

Chatbot developed at HackUPC. Check it out at DevPost.

Telegram task-manager-chatbot that keeps a list with your stuff.

Just text what do you have to do and it will keep track of it in a gracefully way.

Its reaction and the way it talks depends on how you talk with him!

Test it! Chat with @thetaskbot on Telegram.

The bot is not running 24/7. You can chat with it anytime, but it may not respond at the moment.

More information -such as all the commands TaskBot knows- can be found at

How is it done?

With Python and SQLite3. It was connected to an Everis API that processed natural language. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. However, does work without the language processing part.

Usage examples


Can I use it?

Yes. Follow the steps:

  1. Create a Telegram bot. Give it the name you want. Have the token that BotFather gives you handy.

  2. Import (or fork) this repo - following the MIT License.

  3. It is recommended to use instead of since the former doesn't include the Everis API connection, which at the time of writing is out of service. Hence can be deleted. On line 25 of change insertTokenHere to the token given by BotFather.

  4. Run - or taskbot_adapted if you chose it . If you want to make it run independently from your computer you can deploy your project to services such as Heroku or DigitalOcean.

  5. Search on Telegram for the bot name you chose earlier. If it doesn't text anything, text /start and have fun!

Considering that the project was developed in a hackathon, the code is not well enough documented for production. If any question arises, I am available at


Ignasi Oliver.

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