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This is a project I worked on to help create a new type of data visualization with a group for BCB BioHacks 2018. (a hackathon put on by the BioInformatics and Computational Biology Department at U of T)


We were given a lot of data on chromosome20 of the human genome. We didn't understand much of it so we decided to try to make an abstract data visualization format that could be applied to it.

our work:

We came up with a twist on a pie chart. Basically there would be a series of concentric rings that would be characteristics that would make up a circle. The circle would be split up into slices and each slice would be an element. So in this case the slices were genes and each ring would be a characteristic class that the gene may have attributed to it. If the gene did have an attribute the slice of that corresponding ring would be a color denoting it, and if not, then another color. Furthermore we would use scikitlearn for principal component analysis (PCA)

to reduce the genes to a dimension of similarity, and then have similar genes closer to each other on the circle. This is then a linear form of comparison and so there must be a break/end point in the circle, they cannot "loop in similarity".

my part: I tried to implement the visualization using the python module pygame. It turns out pygame was probably not the way to go (learning the hard way!) The arcs are gross, but the idea is still there.

TEAM MEMBERS: Sid Gopalan, John Chen, Bruno Pereira, Ben Prystawski