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Assembly info same for multiple projects

Let’s suppose you have a medium-big application and you have several dll-assemblies-component that the main application references( DAL, BLL). You have several deployments of the application at clients and , when a client , you must find each version of each assembly deployed.

I have developed a simple .tt file to ensure that every component that you compile have the same version – you can run on the server on the automatic build( or by hand.

More, with this .tt file you can

Have the date /time ( with minute) of the compile of the dll embedded into version information Read a text file and add same copyright to all projects( left as an exercise to the user) .

You can see the demo at .

You can download the project at


  1. Download the .tt file
  2. Add to your project
  3. Delete from folder Properties the AssemlbyInfo.cs file
  4. Move the .tt file into folder Properties

That's all!