Export to Office(Excel,Word) , Pdf,OpenDocumentFormat( ODS,ODT )from Classes/DataSet/DataTable/IDataReader/JSON/CSV/RSS/
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Join the chat at https://gitter.im/ignatandrei/Exporter Export a list/array to Office(Excel,Word) , Pdf, Html,Open Document Format for Office Applications (ODF ) (ODT - OpenDocument Text, ODS - OpenDocument Spreadsheet)

The data could be a C# class or a JSON string or a CSV string or a DataTable

NuGet package at https://www.nuget.org/packages/ExporterWordExcelPDF/

The source code has tests and a console project for easy testing the package

Build status

Code examples in C# / JavaScript at https://github.com/ignatandrei/Exporter/wiki

Demo online at http://exporter.azurewebsites.net/

You can contribute to the project - read https://github.com/ignatandrei/Exporter/wiki/Help-the-project

PS: Just to make you an idea, this can be the code to export to Excel

    List<Person> listWithPerson  = ... //obtained from database
    var export=new ExportExcel2007<Person>();
    var data = export.ExportResult(listWithPerson);
    File.WriteAllBytes("a.xlsx", data);

(Do not forget

using ExporterObjects;
using ExportImplementation;  


You can also watch video tutorials at YouTube

But is better to read the Wiki

Support this software

This software is available for free and all of its source code is public domain. If you want further modifications, or just to show that you appreciate this, money are always welcome.


  • $5 for a cup of coffee
  • $10 for pizza
  • $25 for a lunch or two
  • $100+ for upgrading my development environment