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Making any call to a function of an object thread safe NuGet Package at :

The solution contain tests and 2 console project for .NET Core and .NET Framework 4.5.1

The usage is pretty easy

Let's say you have this

Calculation c = new Calculation();

And you want


to be thread safe

In the Package Manager Console write:

Install-Package ThreadSafeObject

Then modify your code to:

Calculation c = new Calculation();
dynamic ts = new ThreadSafe(c);

More details at

Support this software

This software is available for free and all of its source code is public domain. If you want further modifications, or just to show that you appreciate this, money are always welcome.


  • $5 for a cup of coffee
  • $10 for pizza
  • $25 for a lunch or two
  • $100+ for upgrading my development environment