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Version 2

Continous Integration / Deploy

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Stankins want to be the general data query / transformation / export tool.

It is an ETL tool, aimed to be easy to use by either programmers, either common people .

You can with Stankins:

  • query and monitor the exchange rates

  • take any part of an web site ( tables, meta )and export to excel / pdf

  • take any table of database and export to excel / pdf

  • make documentation for a database

  • make documentation for a .sln file

  • and many, many more. It will have already predefined way to do stuff , but you can define your own


Live demo

Live swagger


Releases - Windows(Desktop + Console+ Site), Linux((Console+ Site),Android apk

Docker for Windows/Linux

Console Global tool:Stankins.Console

For docker , you can just run docker run -p 5000:5000 ignatandrei/stankins_windows or docker run -p 5000:5000 ignatandrei/stankins_linux

And then access http://localhost:5000 ( if error, restart docker)


dotnet tool install --global stankins.console

stankins.console execute -o ReceiveMetadataFromDatabaseSql -a "Server=(local);Database=tests;User Id=SA;Password = <YourStrong!Passw0rd>;" -o SenderDBDiagramToDot

stankins.console execute -o ReceiveMetadataFromDatabaseSql -a "Server=(local);Database=tests;User Id=SA;Password = <YourStrong!Passw0rd>;" -o SenderDBDiagramHTMLDocument

stankins.Console.exe execute -o ExportDBDiagramHtmlAndDot -a "Server=(local);Database=tests;User Id=SA;Password = <YourStrong!Passw0rd>" -a a.html

dotnet Stankins.Console.dll execute -o ReceiverFromSolution -a "E:\StankinsV2\StankinsV2.sln" -o SenderSolutionToHTMLDocument -a "" -o TransformerOutputStringColumnName -a "'a.html'"


Example SQL Server to Elasticsearch

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