cannot create erlang files, error: 'template did not produce java class or interface' #70

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on mac os x, with erlang installed via brew, i get the following:


file -> new erlang file -> name='foobar', kind='Empty module'


// where inputString = 'foobar'

[line 73] PsiElement[] psiElements = create(inputString);


com.intellij.util.IncorrectOperationException: This template did not produce a Java class or an interface

  • Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
  • User: todd
  • Date: 9/3/12
  • Time: 12:10 PM */ package PACKAGE_NAME; public erlang module nsthnth { }

Take a look at your Settings/File Templates configuration - you will probably find template with such text there. Delete it from you ${HOME}/${IDEA}/config/....

Templates that are modified by user or idea in different occasions overrule plugin templates.


I did not find a template like this, but I deleted all intellij files under:

$HOME/Library/Application/ Support

Still repros (on mac os x). Could I get more mac specific instructions for deleting these conflicting files? But in general, this smells like a bug...

BTW - I've repro'd this with pretty much each of the template types I'm puzzled how an existing (user created, or otherwise) file template could conflict with each of the supplied erlang templates in this plugin...


Dont know about mac specifics, dong have one. I've encountered exactly this kind of behavior when there were a bug finding template file. On failure to do so intellij generates java-like template content, and this result is stored under problematic template name as user defined template. And then idea tries to use that problematic template constantly failing. Check the content of 'Empty module' erlang template in the Settings/File Templates. If there is a code you've provided inside it - you should find it on your hard drive and remove.


@ToddG, is this issue still open?

@ignatov ignatov closed this Nov 24, 2013
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