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support for leex (.xrl) / yecc (.yrl) files #92

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leex ( is a regular expression based lexical analyzer generator for Erlang, similar to lex or flex.

yecc ( is an LALR-1 parser generator for Erlang, similar to yacc. Takes a BNF grammar definition as input, and produces Erlang code for a parser.

These 2 tools are the ultimate ones if one wishes to write any DSL in Erlang, and since erlIDE supports yecc files, it would be a nice feature to have in IntelliJ Idea.


also .peg format (Packrat) is missing (from neotoma - grammar for neotoma).

together .xrl/yrl with .peg will be complete for Erlang parsers


Hi there, any updates on this?


Hi @diegollarrull, nothing yet because we're very limited right now, but if you'd like you can start with grammars above and transform them to Grammar-Kit format. After I'll point you how to create a new language, file type, etc.

BTW, it's very funny ;)

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