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Wrong annotation: shows ""unused variable", should be "variable is unbound" #94

yzh44yzh opened this Issue Oct 16, 2012 · 4 comments

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with code:

some() ->
A = 5 + Some.

parser shows warning: "unused variable Some", but it should show error "variable Some is unbound"

with code:

some() ->
5 + Some.

it works properly.


Cannot reproduce this one. Are you sure you haven't misread? It shows 'unresolved variable' not 'unused'.

May be warning should say "unbound variable" to be more erlangish.


See screenshots: it shows warting instead of error it shows error as it should

The only difference is 'A = B + 3' in first case and 'B + 3' in second case


Cannot reproduce the bug.

some() ->
  A = B + 3.

And it says, "Variable 'B' is unbound".
Could somebody check if it's still there?

@ignatov ignatov closed this Jun 27, 2013
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