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Extends calendarium-romanum with a new class CalendariumRomanum::Remote::Calendar. It is (only exception being the constructor) API-compatible with CalendariumRomanum::Calendar, but obtains the data from a remote calendar API instead of computing them.

What it is good for

There are cases when you can't - or don't want to - setup a Calendar yourself. Maybe you don't have all the necessary data, but there is a calendar API instance which has them. Maybe you always want to have the most accurate and up-to-date data, but you don't want to watch for fixes and updates to calendarium-romanum, and there is a regularly updated instance of calendar API out there. In all these cases it is convenient to use calendarium-romanum-remote instead of building a regular Calendar in your application.


Load by

require 'calendarium-romanum'
require 'calendarium-romanum/remote'

or by a shortcut

require 'calendarium-romanum-remote'
CR = CalendariumRomanum

# create by specifying a year and remote calendar URI
calendar =, '')

# use the same way as the normal Calendar, get the same return values
day =, 12, 24)

As most abstractions, also the one of Remote::Calendar is leaky: a whole bunch of errors specific to the network communication taking place in the background can occur.

CR = CalendariumRomanum

calendar =, '')

  day =, 12, 24)
rescue CR::Remote::ServerNotFoundError
  # either you used a bad URI or the server disappeared
rescue CR::Remote::TransportError => err
  # probably not your fault, you may want to retry later

  # original error raised by the underlying network layer is available
  original_exception = err.cause
rescue CR::Remote::BadRequestError
  # this suggests that you either specified wrong path
  # (it must be a *calendar* path, not e.g. API base path!)
  # or the server runs some other API version than implemented;
  # the error message should be helpful

If you are not at all interested in details of the fail, you can just handle the parent of all errors raised by the library:

CR = CalendariumRomanum

calendar =, '')

  day =, 12, 24)
rescue CR::Remote::Error
  puts 'fail'


freely choose between GNU/LGPL 3 and MIT