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Ruby script generating notation for the Epiphany Proclamation chant (in Czech).
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Epiphany Proclamation Chant (Czech) Generator

Ruby script generating notation for the Epiphany Proclamation chant. Fully automated, using


  • Clone the repository.
  • $ bundle install to install dependencies.
  • $ bundle exec ruby generate.rb to generate chant score for the default year range (or $ bundle exec ruby generate.rb 2020 2100 to generate for a custom range - e.g. the rest of the century)
  • generate.rb prints to standard output. If it runs successfully, save the output to a file: $ bundle exec ruby generate.rb > epiphany_proclamation.gly

In order to transform the gly file to a pdf document, you will need LaTeX and gregorio (included in current TeXLive). Once these are installed, run $ bundle exec gly preview epiphany_proclamation.gly It will produce file epiphany_proclamation.pdf.


Czech Epiphany proclamation text was first set to the tune given in the Missale Romanum, editio typica tertia (2002) by Fr. Filip Boháč. For use in this generator the tune was further adjusted (by the generator's author) to better fit the Czech text, as explained in this blog post.


GNU/GPL 3.0 or later

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