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Releases: igniterealtime/Spark

Spark 3.0.1 Release

12 Dec 18:59
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  • [SPARK-2310] - macOS doesn't use Look and Feel FlatLaf
  • [SPARK-2313] - History not saved in some cases
  • [SPARK-2316] - Unable to open MUC while MUC private chat is open
  • [SPARK-2317] - HTTP File Upload Plugin button not showing in private chat



Spark 3.0.0 Release

14 Nov 16:59
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  • [SPARK-1708] - Update or change spellchecker library
  • [SPARK-2016] - Add support for 64-bit Java
  • [SPARK-2063] - Make font size in Conversation History window configurable
  • [SPARK-2076] - Contact list font size setting should be applied to groups names
  • [SPARK-2077] - List of available logins should be scrollable
  • [SPARK-2098] - Show "Reconnect now" button while reconnect countdown is running
  • [SPARK-2120] - Add an option to increase font size in message compose area
  • [SPARK-2121] - Bring up roster window when shortcut is opened
  • [SPARK-2125] - Bookmarks should be sorted alphabetically
  • [SPARK-2128] - Remove translations encoding workaround for Java 8
  • [SPARK-2204] - Code cleanup
  • [SPARK-2208] - Use Name instead of Username when initiating chat from search results
  • [SPARK-2210] - Replace deprecated Base64 Decoder
  • [SPARK-2212] - Update Smack to 4.4
  • [SPARK-2214] - Look and feel refresh
  • [SPARK-2217] - Update Russian translation
  • [SPARK-2221] - Increase default Idle value to 5 instead of 3 minutes
  • [SPARK-2233] - Allow to search contacts without special letters interfering
  • [SPARK-2236] - Create status icons for the new Spark design
  • [SPARK-2238] - Fix potential NPE in FastPath invitation handler
  • [SPARK-2249] - Add translation for hours, min to Awaytime
  • [SPARK-2257] - Explicitly define calls on or off the Event Dispatch Thread
  • [SPARK-2264] - Use nickname in bookmark if set
  • [SPARK-2267] - Update XStream to 1.4.19 or later
  • [SPARK-2272] - Remove URL hack
  • [SPARK-2275] - Replace deprecated custom ulit class Base64
  • [SPARK-2276] - Create x64 installer for Spark
  • [SPARK-2278] - Spark should remove plugins in profile if they don't exist in installation folder
  • [SPARK-2280] - Add clear button for Login text fields and eye button to show password
  • [SPARK-2282] - Add "Other Users" button for Login text field
  • [SPARK-2291] - Fix Zip Slip Vulnerability
  • [SPARK-2292] - Improve the log window
  • [SPARK-2296] - Add localizations in install4j installer
  • [SPARK-2297] - Add Windows on ARM installer
  • [SPARK-2298] - Update install4j runtime to 10.0.3
  • [SPARK-2299] - MacOS replace deprecated installer
  • [SPARK-2301] - Update HTTP File Upload Plugin to 0.4 version
  • [SPARK-2304] - Add day and week periods for Transcript History


New Feature

  • [SPARK-1585] - Add support for XEP-0280 Message Carbons
  • [SPARK-1598] - Add an option to ask for confirmation when closing conversation window with multiple chats
  • [SPARK-1795] - Provide MSI installer for Windows
  • [SPARK-1828] - Bundle Pade Meetings plugin
  • [SPARK-2116] - Add an option to set how many previous messages should be shown in a chat window
  • [SPARK-2144] - Add a button to restart Spark if network error happens
  • [SPARK-2256] - Add control over Idle settings
  • [SPARK-2277] - Add control over IBB file transfer via ClientControl


  • [SPARK-1908] - Offline message is not added to the history until chat window is closed
  • [SPARK-1918] - Emoticons packs are not updated after the upgrade
  • [SPARK-1992] - Fix the View logs menu
  • [SPARK-2073] - Domain field is editable during Auto login when it is disabled in
  • [SPARK-2115] - Show warning when password change failed
  • [SPARK-2160] - Translations are garbled when using newer Java
  • [SPARK-2161] - Spark locks up when downloading Pade Meetings libraries
  • [SPARK-2164] - Message shown in a wrong tab when multiple resources are logged in
  • [SPARK-2182] - Switches to using hostname as resource after a re-login
  • [

Spark 3.0.0 Beta Release

26 Apr 12:54
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Release notes - Spark - Version 3.0.0


SPARK-2222 Number of unread messages not being shown in the first tab title

SPARK-2207 Display the correct name for the transferred file

SPARK-2161 Spark locks up when downloading Pade Meetings libraries


SPARK-2221 Increase default Idle value to 5 instead of 3 minutes

SPARK-2217 Update Russian translation

SPARK-2216 IBB file transfer should not be enabled by default

SPARK-2214 Look and feel refresh

SPARK-2210 Replace deprecated Base64 Decoder

SPARK-2204 Code cleanup

New Feature

SPARK-1828 Bundle Pade Meetings plugin


SPARK-2206 Update xstream to 1.4.15

SPARK-2205 Update install4j runtime library to 8.0.7

sha1sums for release artifacts

796264c0bc1df74f6e36926e30c14b3035c86cbb  spark_3_0_0-beta.deb
4c8322d315f99c70bd7704e469a1ffe95aa92636  spark_3_0_0-beta.dmg
22972b4cbab947efd5eee578b43860b711fdab72  spark_3_0_0-beta.exe
7ce6e743be5a4fab867c4aca6ac6d3f1c8edd1e3  spark-3.0.0-beta.rpm
b695386e47c4eefffaeb2c4d0a3eed884a4a021f  spark_3_0_0-beta.tar.gz
aeacdddb9b1640aedc56a3ff0fd466ad5303de73  spark_3_0_0-beta-with-jre.dmg
a51fbf9e7b92206b037bc6eaa10454942a7ef26b  spark_3_0_0-beta-with-jre.exe

Spark 2.9.4 Release

14 Nov 13:03
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2.9.4 -- November 14, 2020


  • [SPARK-2184] - Spark should not reject end-entity certificates without basic constraints
  • [SPARK-2185] - The CertPath that's verified should not be allowed to be empty
  • [SPARK-2186] - Certificate validation should target the end-entity certificate, not the CA
  • [SPARK-2187] - Spark should not offer to add CA certs that it already has in the truststore
  • [SPARK-2188] - Some certificate chain validations fail with 'Certificate does not specify OCSP responder'
  • [SPARK-2192] - File transfer duration sometimes incorrect
  • [SPARK-2194] - The option to ignore certificate expiry not working
  • [SPARK-2196] - Start a conference menu option not working
  • [SPARK-2201] - Not all passwords removed when 'save password' is unchecked

New Feature

  • [SPARK-2190] - Add option to auto-accept file transfers


  • [SPARK-1160] - Replace deprecated methods
  • [SPARK-1469] - Code Cleanup
  • [SPARK-2005] - Add option to disable selected plugins via Client Control
  • [SPARK-2198] - Prevent incoming file transfer to overwrite existing file
  • [SPARK-2199] - Show directory if file can't be opened
  • [SPARK-2202] - Have explicit option to remove all saved passwords


Spark 2.9.3 Release

24 Oct 11:46
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  • [SPARK-2064] - Should reconnect to rooms after a reconnect to server
  • [SPARK-2143] - Contacts marked in red and duplicated during a reconnect
  • [SPARK-2153] - Private messaging not working in group chat
  • [SPARK-2162] - History issues for contacts with spaces in usernames
  • [SPARK-2167] - Hostname field shouln't be editable after a failed auto-login attempt when disabled
  • [SPARK-2174] - Old presence shown in the opened chat window after a reconnect
  • [SPARK-2177] - Incorrect own presence state during and after a reconnection
  • [SPARK-2179] - System message about incoming buzz is incorrectly escaping spaces



  • [SPARK-2165] - Clean up grammar and typos in translation variables
  • [SPARK-2168] - Make Spark save file transfer events to history
  • [SPARK-2169] - Network addresses enclosed in quotes should be presented correctly
  • [SPARK-2172] - Shouldn't switch to new tab when first MUC private message arrives


a626e64fc95a7d3909b662c7190787694cf26f3f  spark_2_9_3.deb
e5fe3cd1f9570b2270398e180523304f73deb92d  spark_2_9_3.dmg
fa13fb61d5df43344e09011ba912ba9716619b87  spark_2_9_3.exe
b6f31882230c23f394255b3302828eb3397f1ec6  spark-2.9.3.rpm
1c1bddbe2cd6e01ecb49749299853806d1666886  spark_2_9_3.tar.gz
1d65ce7cf243230596d13fde5c64e457fde226d9  spark_2_9_3-with-jre.dmg
cac5c1dabc0f4f2ace7ca506dab3c8feaae47066  spark_2_9_3-with-jre.exe

Spark 2.9.2 Release

30 Aug 18:17
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Denote Spark 2.9.2 Release

Spark 2.9.1 Release

25 Aug 18:22
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Merge pull request #514 from akrherz/291

Denote Spark 2.9.1 Release

Spark 2.9.0 Release

17 Aug 12:21
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Merge pull request #509 from akrherz/290

Denote Spark 2.9.0 Release

Spark 2.8.3

29 Jan 13:55
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Denote Spark 2.8.3 Release

Spark 2.6.3 Release

19 Jan 21:01
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Spark 2.6.3