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Ignition v1.1.1.0 is a non-mandatory upgrade that gives Ignition Coin wallets many small bug fixes, improvements, and added features to facilitate paper wallet integrations.

This version IS NOT MANDATORY and compatible with the following versions of Ignition Coin wallet:
If you run any node prior to this version, it will not be compatible with the current network.

Changes in include:

  • Added the vout index into the output of listtransactions command
  • Update spent coins after calling sendrawtransaction command
  • Print success and details message when build scripts are completed
  • Updated makefile and improved build scripts
  • Cleaned build scripts
  • Added capabilities to facilitate paper wallet via Import private key GUI
  • Fixed wallet locking completely rather than going back to locked for staking only mode after transaction
  • Added autocomplete functionality for debug console window
  • Add stakethreshold information to the getstakinginfo command
  • Added compatibility with OpenSSL 1.1
  • Updated CircleCI config
  • Re-Integrated ARM build capabilities (for Raspberry Pi Builds)
  • Created Docker Container capabilities
  • Fixed an assert error that occurred when closing the GUI wallet