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Great Sauk Trail Council

The completed project will improve customer service in our camping operation.  Current camping reservations for weekend
camping are completed labor intensive on the part of the customer, staff and volunteers.  By developing an online
campsite reservation system, the customer can check if a campsite is available and make a registration online.
The office staff can review online registrations, process payment, and send the registration out to the camp property.
The volunteer who is managing the camp for the weekend can check online for how many reservations are on their weekend
and plan accordingly.  

Through an online system, efficiencies can be achieved, and a reduction in the number of mistakes created due to a labor
intensive paper-based system.

What are some barriers that your organization has faced in pursuing your IT needs?
The objective of the system is to allow for online reservation of a campsite / cabin and management of the reservations
so that the customer, office, camp, and volunteer campmaster all know who is expected at camp each weekend.
The ideal system would allow customer reservation, payment collection, office approval, and communication out to camp
and campmasters.  This may be beyond the scope of this request.  A solution could be an online system that displays
campsite reservations for a given weekend, is maintained by the office staff, and includes fill-able online reservation
forms than then can be e-mailed or printed.

The application targets internal company users and members of the BSA in providing a reservation system for campsites.
The customer should be able to very quickly and easily see if the campsite at camp on the weekend they want is available.

If not, they should be able to see what is available that weekend.  The customer must also get a copy of the camp rules
when making a reservation request.

The office staff need to be able to add reservations, and print out copies of the reservations so that they can be faxed
to the camp.

User Roles:
	Customer  (Scouting Unit)  -  able to view reservations for a camp, searchable by date, camp, etc.
	Able to make a reservation request online.

	Campmaster Coordinator  -  able to view reservations for a camp, able to print out a weekend’s reservations for a
	particular camp, able to print out contact information for each reservation.   Able to print or e-mail these reports
	to the volunteer campmaster who will be at camp (not all campmasters have e-mail)

	Office Staff -  Administers the system,  maintains reservations, prints out reservations for a camp /
	contact information for the reservation to send to camp.  Able to enter number of people who camped as part of the

	Ranger  -  Receives paper version at camp, provides paper backup copy to weekend campmaster.

Other features:
    Export to Excel / CSV