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Haskell Postgis DB Driver

This is a almost fully rewritten fork of 'haskell-postgis' package by Peter (https://github.com/ewestern/haskell-postgis). Provides a method that allows direct use of user-defined Haskell data with PostGIS databases.


Default types

Import of Postgis.Simple, Database.PostgreSQL.Simple, Postgis.Simple.Types.Default modules and use default types.

Specific types

If you have some beloved old legacy data types and don't want to make type convertions. Then you should manualy create instances of GeoData and Geometry type classes similar to those defined in Postgis.Simple.Types.Default. Here we will give an example of declarations that can cause your data to work with Postgis. Let's assume you have polygons in nested lists and your points are latitude-longitude pairs.

type MySRID = Int
data LatLon = LatLon Double Double deriving Show
newtype Poly = Poly [[LatLon]] deriving Show -- just use newtype

Then we will make additional declarations.

import Control.Monad
import Database.PostgreSQL.Simple.ToField
import Database.PostgreSQL.Simple.FromField

data MyGPoly = MyGPoly (Maybe MySRID) Poly deriving Show

instance GeoData Poly where
  hasM (Poly _) = False
  hasZ (Poly _) = False
  geoType _ = pgisPolygon

instance Geometry MyGPoly where
    putGeometry (MyGPoly s pg@(Poly rs)) = do
        putHeader s pg
        putChainLen $ length rs
        mapM_ putChain rs
    getGeometry = do
        h <- getHeaderPre
        let geo gt
              | gt==pgisPolygon         = mkGeom h MyGPoly getPolygon 
              | otherwise = error $ "geometry type is not yet implemented: "++show gt
        geo $ lookGeoType h

putChain :: Putter [LatLon]
putChain r = do
    putChainLen $ length r
    mapM_ (\(LatLon y x) -> putPoint (x, y, Nothing, Nothing)) r

getChain :: Getter [LatLon]
getChain = getChainLen >>= (`replicateM` getPoint) >>= mapM (\(x, y, _, _) -> return $ LatLon y x) 

getPolygon :: Getter Poly 
getPolygon = skipHeader >> Poly <$> (getChainLen >>= (`replicateM` getChain))

instance ToField MyGPoly where
    toField = toFieldDefault

instance FromField MyGPoly where
    fromField = fromFieldDefault

Your app module may look like following.

import Database.PostgreSQL.Simple
import Postgis.Simple

{..above declarations here or in a separate module..}

main :: IO ()
main = do
    conn <- connectPostgreSQL "..."
    let srid = Just 4326
        ring = [LatLon 1 2, LatLon 1.5 2.5, LatLon 2.5 3, LatLon 1 2]
        pl = MyGPoly srid (Poly [ring, ring])
    _ <- execute conn "INSERT INTO t1 (name, geom) VALUES (?, ?)" ("polygon"::String, pl)
    a <- query_ conn "select * from t1 LIMIT 1"     :: IO [(String, MyGPoly)]
    print a