[OBSOLETE] Some enhancements for UI/UX of @InVisionApp
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InVision Enhancements

Some enhancements for UI/UX of InVision


Note: InVision team rolled out huge update of their product, so it seems like these enhancements are useless.


  • autoscroll to the current screen in “Browse” section;
  • three lines of screen title is visible in “Browse” instead of one;
  • filter field for screens:
    • it ignores symbols like dot, comma, quotes, etc;
    • it's case-insensitive;
    • it has shortcut — / or double shift.
  • shortcut for “Browse” section — ctrl + / or alt + /;
  • anchors for screens in “Browse” (now it's possible to open screen in new tab by middle click, cmd/ctrl + click or context menu);
  • sidebar with content of “Browse” section (it shows after first “Browse” loading, and hides after refresh).


  1. You need browser extension for userscripts, install one of these:
  1. Click on this link and agree the installation (if your choice is NinjaKit, reload this page at first).


How to use the script in Safari?

You have two options. If you can install Tampermonkey and install the script using it, the script will work fine and auto update in the future. If you can't install it, you should use NinjaKit for the script installation and update the script manually.

Honestly you have another option. You can copy & paste script and use Extension Builder. So, the script also won't auto update in future, but you also won't install third-party software. Security paranoia, you know.

My Chrome / Opera / Chromium-based browser auto disable the script when I restart it. What am I doing wrong?

You've install the script without extension for userscripts. Check out the first part of Installation.