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DMT Simulator

This repository contains a functional Discrete Multitone (DMT) simulator featuring different channel equalization schemes. The components of the simulation are organized within the lib folder.


In order to properly use this DMT simulator, the companion repository igorauad/gfast-channel must be cloned at the parent folder. In the end, the following folder structure must be provided. The gfast-channel/data folder is where the main script of the gfast-channel repository stores the channel responses that it generates using G.fast channel models.

├── dmt-simulator
    └── lib
├── gfast-channel
    └── data

To do so, starting at the root folder of the current repository, run the following commands:

cd ../
git clone https://github.com/igorauad/gfast-channel.git
cd gfast-channel
matlab -nojvm < generate_all.m

The last step above runs the script generate_all.m, which saves the files containing the individual responses of each G.fast loop topology in the aforementioned data folder.