Symbol Timing Synchronization Simulation
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Symbol Timing Synchronization Simulations

Several scripts used to study the material from the Book " Digital Communications: A Discrete-Time Approach", by Michael Rice

Main simulation implements Symbol Timing Recovery using either a Maximum-likelihood (ML) Timing Error Detector (ML-TED) or a Zero-Crossing TED (ZC-TED). The loop filter is a Proportional-plus-integrator (PI) Controller and the interpolator can be chosen as a Linear Interpolator or a Polyphase Interpolator. The Interpolator Controller is a Modulo-1 Counter.

File Description
symbol_synchronizer.m Main Simulation
symTimingLoop.m Function that implements the timing recovery loop.
getTedKp.m Function that computes the Timing Error Detector (TED) gain .
timingLoopPIConstants.m Function that computes the PI controller constants.
polyphaseFilterBank.m Function that computes the polyphase subfilters that are required when the polyphase interpolator is adopted.
tedDesign.m A short script to analyze TED design parameters.