Android image pinch (continual in/out) / double tap zoom, scroll larger images, configurable , should work on 1.5(without pinch zoom) because of dynamic class loading
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Library provides you with options for manipulating images: zoom (double tap and/or pinch zoom), scroll, determine position of touch, etc... Example project included!

public methods:

  • java setImage(Bitmap) - Bitmap which you want to show in view(layout)
  • java setImage(Bitmap bitmap, int widthOfParent) - you can set maximum width(in pixels) of parent if you want. But in most cases above will be enough.

You can extend class and override method

java protected void onImageClick(float posX, float posY) to add custom ontouchhandler (for example try touch Homer's head on second picture in example project)


  • minWidth default: 0 if minWidth == 0 than minWidth = min(parent view width, bitmap width)
  • maxWidth default: 0 if > 0 than this width will be for max zoom
  • maxWidthMultiplier default: 0 if maxWidth == 0 && maxWidthMultiplier > 0 than maxWidth = minWidth * maxWidthMultiplier
  • pinchToZoomMinDistance default: 5
  • isDoubleTapZoomEnabled default: true should double tap perform zoom in steps
  • maxZoomSteps default: 3 how much zoom steps
  • timeForClick default: 300 in miliseconds. if finger down/up interval <= timeForClick than click occured
  • timeForDoubleClick default: 300 in miliseconds. if two click occured in interval <= timeForDoubleClick we have double click
  • distanceZoomMultiplier default: 4.0f for pinch zoom - zooming in pixels = move distance * distanceZoomMultiplier
  • backgroundQualityUpdateMilis default: 2000 - this is paired with setting bellow to allow "smarter" / "optimize" pinch zooming but its not fully tested
  • afterPinchZoomSetLowerQualityAndUpdateQualityLater - default: false - better leave it as it is. If true may render faster or render image slower, but this is not fully tested
  • angleTolerant default: 30 degree tolerance for pinch zoom - leave as it is in most cases - currently not used, because made a lot of problems in past