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I've been using this color scheme since 2003, re-written in Lua, and includes a light theme as well as the usual dark theme.

Even though it's a VIM theme, I also made versions for: Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, TextMate, Gedit and GTKSourceView based editors, Gnome Terminal Color Schemes and VIM statuses Lightline I want every editor I use or stumble upon to have the same color scheme.

rust-btw Rust source code example, full config



return {
    opts = {
      colorscheme = "danger",
    opts = {
      style = "dark",
      alacritty = true,
    keys = {
          if vim.g.colors_name == "danger_dark" then
            vim.cmd("colorscheme danger_light")
            vim.cmd("colorscheme danger_dark")
        desc = "Toggle Danger dark mode",

Setups <leader>D as well, to switch between dark and light mode, includes a alacritty plugin to change alacritty background as well, works great since I only use it for nvim

Switch to it:

colorscheme danger_dark " Dark mode
colorscheme danger_light " Light mode
colorscheme danger " Default is `danger_dark`


cd gnome-terminal && ./load-gnome-terminal-theme

Don't forget to add its uuid to the /org/gnome/terminal/legacy/profiles:/list d-conf value

sublime text

Open Preferences -> Browse Packages, and make a directory called Colorsublime-Themes if it doesn't exits, inside that directory copy themes/danger.tmTheme.


I'm unsure how to install it but the color theme is based on its syntax so it's themes/danger.tmTheme let me know how it looks.

visual studio code

Copy the root directory to ~/.vscode/extensions/

mkdir -p ~/.vscode/extensions
cp -r danger ~/.vscode/extensions/

Will publish later, I do not use vscode that much


Add gtksourceview-4/danger.xml on Preferences / Font & Colors using the +.


mkdir -p "$(bat --config-dir)/themes"
cd "$(bat --config-dir)/themes"
git clone
bat cache --build

Now add this to your shell rc file (e.g.: ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc):

This will also work for the fzf plugin on vim, just make sure your vim uses the same shell.

export BAT_THEME="danger"

More Screenshots

light-dark-all Themes available danger_light and danger_dark

light-dark-startup NVIM startup

light-dark-telescope Telescope file find example