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Roll your own crowdfunding
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Selfstarter makes it easy to roll your own crowdfunding site. To get started, fork this repository and change around config/settings.yml to suit your needs.

See it in action

Homebrew Installation

Grab homebrew to install extraproject dependencies

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSkL"

Please note, you might not have the necessary compilers & may have to download XCode + XCode command line tools from

Update homebrew

brew update

Install mysql

brew install mysql

& git if you dont have it.

brew install git

& imagemagick (for use by paperclip)

brew install imagemagick

RVM + Ruby + Rails dependency Installation

Grab RVM. Here is the rvm site

\curl -L | bash -s stable --ruby

Install ruby 1.9.2

rvm install 1.9.2

Clone the openfund repo

git clone

Create your .rvmrc file in the openfund directory, it should contain the following

rvm 1.9.2@openfund

Now make sure you're using ruby 1.9.2

rvm use 1.9.2

Alright, now create the gemset

rvm gemset create openfund

Now make sure you are in your openfund directory & source your .rvmrc file

cd /path/to/openfund/ && source .rvmrc

you should get this sort of output

= NOTICE                                                                           =
= RVM has encountered a new or modified .rvmrc file in the current directory       =
= This is a shell script and therefore may contain any shell commands.             =
=                                                                                  =
= Examine the contents of this file carefully to be sure the contents are          =
= safe before trusting it! ( Choose v[iew] below to view the contents )            =
Do you wish to trust this .rvmrc file? (/Users/austonbunsen/Sites/bootstrap/.rvmrc)
y[es], n[o], v[iew], c[ancel]> 

Hit y+enter. Now run

bundle install

Next create the database

rake db:create

and migrate it

rake db:migrate

and seed it

rake db:seed

Finally you can run our app

rails server
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