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Please remember that log files may contain plaintext passwords, etc.
Please do not add print statements - at least do not commit them to git
because in some environments printing to stdout causes errors
Instead use python logging this way:
#somewere on top of file
import logging
#anywhere below
logging.debug('this maybe works')
logging.error('have big error!')
#or even
logging.debug('') #this will add time, line number, function and file record
#sometimes useful record for call tracing on its own
#etc - take a look at
in OSQA logging is currently set up in
please update it if you need - in older revs logging strings have less info
messages of interest can be grepped out of the log file by module/file/function name
e.g. to take out all django_authopenid logs run:
>grep 'osqa\/django_authopenid' log/django.osqa.log | sed 's/^.*MSG: //'
in the example above 'sed' call truncates out a long prefix
and makes output look more meaningful
osqa works with django debug toolbar
if debugging under apache server, check
that debug toolbar media is loaded correctly
if toolbar is enabled but you do not see it, possibly some Alias statement
in apache config is wrong in your VirtualHost or elsewhere
3) If you discover new debugging techniques, please add here.
Possible areas to improve - at this point there is no SQL query logging,
as well as request data and http header.