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* The wonder bar (integrated the search / ask functionality)
* The authentication system ???
* allow multiple logins to the same account
* allow multiple logins to the same account
* more advanced templating/skinning system
* per-tag email subscriptions
* view for personalized news on the site
* a little flag popping when there are news
* drill-down mode for navigation by tags
* improved admin console
* sort out mess with profile - currently we patch django User
* Some functionality should be moved out of the forums app, in the case
that the forum app is restricted only to authenticated users:
(r'^%s/$' % _('signin/'), 'django_authopenid.views.signin'),
url(r'^%s$' % _('about/'), app.about, name='about'),
url(r'^%s$' % _('faq/'), app.faq, name='faq'),
url(r'^%s$' % _('privacy/'), app.privacy, name='privacy'),
url(r'^%s$' % _('logout/'), app.logout, name='logout'),
url(r'^%s$' % _('feedback/'),, name='feedback'),
(r'^%sfb/' % _('account/'), include('fbconnect.urls')),
(r'^%s' % _('account/'), include('django_authopenid.urls')),