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I have a very complex application we build with enclose. Occasionally, when we run the binary we created from enclose, the output binary returns Corrupt executable and quits immediately.

When I debug the problem, seemingly trivial lines of code cause this issue to happen -- could be a one line change that adds in a return; statement. With the statement causes the binary to be corrupt, but without the return; statement the app compiles and runs properly.

I can't seem to reproduce this in a simpler form, so unfortunately I cannot give you a reproducible test case. I am hoping you might give me a hint as to what might be causing this problem, perhaps a known issue or mis configuration that could cause this?

I am using enclose@2.2.0 and node@6.3.1 with --version 6 and x64


Interestingly, the exact same code compiles fine in enclose@2.2.0 with node@4.4.4 and --version 4

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