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Flare Mod

This is an as yet nameless mod for Clint Bellangers Flare engine. The basic goals are to create a small game which will work on the v1 flare engine, which can be completed with an achievable scope, which shows off some of the newer engine features and shows off some of the previously unused flare art from


This mod has the same requirements as the flare-game project but the mod folder new_game_mod needs to be included and the mod needs to run on top of the fantasycore and alpha_demo mods. These mods can be downloaded here


Many thanks to VWolfdog and Mumu for direct contributions of required artwork, the Flare engine development team for continuous improvement of the engine and general support of the project, to the artists of for their Flare artwork and of course to Clint Bellanger for starting such an awesome project.

All of the original art assets from clintbellanger/flare-game have been used and the original credits can be found at Additional artwork used is listed below.

Vwolfdog (

Mumu (

Amstrad (

johndh (


Mikodrak (

Bart Kelsey (

Short-Ribs (

umask007 ( (

Danimal (


All of Flare's art and data files are released under CC-BY-SA 3.0. Later versions are permitted.

---Original Readme from clintbellanger/flare-game---


Flare is a a single-player 2D action RPG with fast-paced action and a dark fantasy style.

It is built on the FLARE engine (Free/Libre Action Roleplaying Engine). Its repo is at

Flare uses simple file formats (INI style config files) for most of the game data, allowing anyone to easily modify game contents. Open formats are preferred (png, ogg). Maps are edited using Tiled.

Copyright and License

Flare (the game) is Copyright ©2010-2013 Clint Bellanger. Contributors retain copyrights to their original contributions.

The Flare Engine is released under GPL version 3 or later.

All of Flare's art and data files are released under CC-BY-SA 3.0. Later versions are permitted.

The Liberation Sans fonts version 2 are released under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1.

The GNU Unifont font is released under GPL v2, with the exception that embedding the font in a document does not in itself bind that document to the terms of the GPL.



See the Flare-Engine repo for instructions on how to install Flare:

Flare Game is installed as a set of mods for Flare Engine. Place the contents of the "mods" folder inside Flare Engine's mods folder.

  • On Windows, the mods folder will be in the same directory as the flare executable.
  • On OSX, this will be inside the folder, in Resources/mods
  • On Linux, the default location of the mods folder is /usr/local/share/flare/mods/

Then enable these mods in Flare's Configuration screen.



Settings are stored in one of these places:


Here you can enable fullscreen, change the game resolution, enable mouse-move, and change keybindings. The settings files are created the first time you run Flare.

Save Files

Save files are stored in one of these places:


If permissions are correct, the game is automatically saved when you exit.

Packaging and Distributing

If you are packaging Flare Game for release (e.g. on an operating system's software repo), we suggest creating two packages.

  • flare-engine the package that contains the single engine reused by several games
  • flare-game, a package that requires flare-engine that only contains this game data

When distributing flare-game you may elect to omit these folders which are not used at runtime.

  • art_src contains the raw files (e.g. Blender files) used to generate Flare's art.
  • tiled contains the Tiled-native map files used to export Flare's maps