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This is a small portfolio & hobby project for reverse engineering Java/Enterprise Java applications. About ...

Это небольшой проект, который предназначался для записи и фильтрации результата трассировки выполнения программы на Java, чтобы помочь понять, как работает приложение About_Ru ...

Проект остановлен, но в результате остался список ссылок, который я продолжаю пополнять и теперь.

Список ссылок: инструменты для понимания кода, документирования, ссылки об архитектуре ПО с открытым кодом: / Related & lovely projects:

MaintainJ , a commercial tool, generate interactive sequence diagram from call trace.

UMLGraph , drawing UML diagrams automatically and declaratively.


CodeCity, a really excellent tool, limited to non-commercial usage. Also you may try to look at this - a basic port for Eclipse of CodeCity.

Relo, an open source tool, - no longer available. Look at , it is free for open source projects; for other projects it is available for free for individuals and for teams of up to three developers, August 2012.

CodeMaps , explore open source code together, view Javadoc, examine source, share architectural documentation, and more (by Architexa).

AmaterasUML, an open source tool, lightweight, has an API, - Tools to generate sequence diagram for Java

SchemaSpy , graphical database schema metadata browser.

MySQL Workbench for MySQL databases reverse engineering.

Enterprise Architect , a commercial tool for UML, database, mind maps, etc.


Books (read online)

Перевод статей из "Архитектура приложений с открытым исходным кодом" (aosabook) (!)

Code Review Open Source проектов на Java ,


diagrams of Android, JDK, JBoss, Eclipse (but it works slow on my PC) , the list of diagrams is in the bottom part of that page.

Посмотреть позже / Read it later

Featureous ... the similar thing I have planned to develop long time ago.

CHISEL projects , and also Eclipse Diver ,

rmtoo Open source requirements management tool,

Doorstop projects

Фреймворк Violet

Periodic table of visualization methods (thanks to Catherine and

Visualize Your JavaEE Dependencies In 30 Seconds

Thanks to O'Reilly Newsletter for these links:

New concepts

Divsense , a mix of mind map and a programmer's editor.

New records - as far as I understand this "simple" thing makes the process of the bug-fixing faster for the production apps, because it simplifies the work with logging and stores the variables at the moment of an exception. - Android dependency visualizer. ,

GitHub search - visualization :


GitHub search - code visualization :


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