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Localization Editor

License: MIT Platforms Swift Version Twitter

Simple macOS editor app to help you manage iOS app localizations by allowing you to edit all the translations side by side, highlighting missing translations

Localization Editor


Managing localization files (Localizable.strings) is a pain, there is no tooling for it. There is no easy way to know what strings are missing or to compare them across languages.

What does this tool do?

Start the Localization Editor, choose File | Open folder with localization files and point it to the folder where your localization files are stored. The tool finds all the Localizable.strings, detects their language and displays your strings side by side as shown on the screenshot above. You can point it to the root of your project but it will take longer to process.

All the translations are sorted by their key (shown as first column) and you can see and compare them quickly, you can also see missing translations in any language.

When you change any of the translations the corresponding Localizable.strings gets updated.



brew cask install localizationeditor


To download and run the app

  • Go to Releases and download the built app archive from the latest release
  • Unzip
  • Right click on the extracted and choose Open (just a double-clicking will show a warning because the app is only signed with a development certificate)


All contributions are welcomed, including bug reports and pull requests with new features. Please read CONTRIBUTING for more details.

Localizing the app

The app is currently localized into English and Chinese. If you want to add localization for your language, just translate the Localizable.strings files. You can use this app do do it!


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

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