Sample iOS app demonstrating Coordinators, Dependency Injection, MVVM, Binding
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iOS Sample App

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Sample iOS app written the way I write iOS apps because I cannot share the app I currently work on.

Architecture concepts

Other concepts

  • Localization to 2 languages with safer string usage and checking for missing translations
  • Continuous integration (using Travis)
  • Unit testing
  • Using (multiple) Storyboards just as glorified XIBs
  • Using static UITableView cells in a typed way with enums
  • Image literals
  • Automated AppStore screenshots taking in multiple languages (using Fastlane)



Getting started

To get started with the project run ./ to install Carthage, SwifLint, SwiftGen, Fastlane and build all the Carthage dependencies.

If you already have Carthage installed and do not want or need the other tools, just run carthage bootstrap --platform iOS to build all the Carthage dependencies.

This need to be done just once for the intial setup.