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# Copyright (c) 2015 Igor Pecovnik, igor.pecovnik@gma**.com
# This file is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public
# License version 2. This program is licensed "as is" without any
# warranty of any kind, whether express or implied.
# This file is a part of tool chain
# Read build script documentation
# for detailed explanation of these options and for additional options not listed here
KERNEL_ONLY="" # leave empty to select each time, set to "yes" or "no" to skip dialog prompt
KERNEL_CONFIGURE="no" # change provided kernel configuration
CLEAN_LEVEL="make,debs" # comma-separated list of clean targets: "make" = make clean for selected kernel and u-boot,
# "debs" = delete packages in "./output/debs" for current branch and family,
# "alldebs" - delete all packages in "./output/debs", "images" = delete "./output/images",
# "cache" = delete "./output/cache", "sources" = delete "./sources"
DEST_LANG="en_US.UTF-8" # sl_SI.UTF-8, en_US.UTF-8
# advanced
KERNEL_KEEP_CONFIG="no" # do not overwrite kernel config before compilation
EXTERNAL="yes" # build and install extra applications and drivers
EXTERNAL_NEW="prebuilt" # compile and install or install prebuilt additional packages
CREATE_PATCHES="no" # wait that you make changes to uboot and kernel source and creates patches
FORCE_CHECKOUT="yes" # ignore manual changes to source
BUILD_ALL="no" # cycle through available boards and make images or kernel/u-boot packages.
# set KERNEL_ONLY to "yes" or "no" to build all packages/all images
BETA="" # set yes to add subrevision with tomorrow's date. For internal use.
MULTITHREAD="" # build n images at once. For internal use.
# build script version to use
LIB_TAG="" # empty for latest version,
# one of listed here: for stable versions,
# or commit hash
# source is where is located
# To preserve proper libraries updating
if [[ -f $SRC/ && -d $SRC/bin ]]; then
echo -e "[\e[0;31m error \x1B[0m] Copy this file one level up, alter and run again."
exit -1
if [[ $EUID != 0 ]]; then
echo -e "[\e[0;35m warn \x1B[0m] This script requires root privileges"
sudo "$0" "$@"
exit $?
# Get updates of the main build libraries
[[ $(dpkg-query -W -f='${db:Status-Abbrev}\n' git 2>/dev/null) != *ii* ]] && \
apt-get -qq -y --no-install-recommends install git
if [[ ! -d $SRC/lib ]]; then
git clone
cd $SRC/lib
if [[ ! -f $SRC/.ignore_changes ]]; then
echo -e "[\e[0;32m o.k. \x1B[0m] This script will try to update"
git pull
CHANGED_FILES=$(git diff --name-only)
if [[ -n $CHANGED_FILES ]]; then
echo -e "[\e[0;35m warn \x1B[0m] Can't update since you made changes to: \e[0;32m\n${CHANGED_FILES}\x1B[0m"
echo -e "Press \e[0;33m<Ctrl-C>\x1B[0m to abort compilation, \e[0;33m<Enter>\x1B[0m to ignore and continue"
git checkout ${LIB_TAG:- master}
# source additional configuration file
[[ -n $1 && -f $SRC/config-$1.conf ]] && source $SRC/config-$1.conf
# daily beta build contains date in subrevision
if [[ $BETA == yes ]]; then SUBREVISION="."$(date --date="tomorrow" +"%y%m%d"); fi
if [[ $BUILD_ALL == yes || $BUILD_ALL == demo ]]; then
source $SRC/lib/
source $SRC/lib/
# hook for function to run after build, i.e. to change owner of $SRC
# NOTE: this will run only if there were no errors during build process
[[ $(type -t run_after_build) == function ]] && run_after_build || true
# If you are committing new version of this file, increment VERSION
# Only integers are supported