MarkdownLint Command Line Interface
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Command Line Interface for MarkdownLint


npm install -g markdownlint-cli


$ markdownlint --help

  Usage: markdownlint [options] <files|directories|globs>

  MarkdownLint Command Line Interface


    -h, --help                                  output usage information
    -V, --version                               output the version number
    -s, --stdin                                 read from STDIN (no files)
    -o, --output [outputFile]                   write issues to file (no console)
    -c, --config [configFile]                   configuration file (JSON or YAML)
    -i, --ignore [file|directory|glob]          files to ignore/exclude
    -r, --rules  [file|directory|glob|package]  custom rule files


markdownlint-cli reuses the rules from markdownlint package.

Configuration is stored JSON or INI files in the same config format.

The example of configuration file:

  "default": true,
  "MD003": { "style": "atx_closed" },
  "MD007": { "indent": 4 },
  "no-hard-tabs": false,
  "whitespace": false

See test configuration file or style folder for more examples.

CLI argument --config is not mandatory. If it is not provided, markdownlint-cli looks for file .markdownlint.json in current folder, or for file .markdownlintrc in current or all upper folders. The algorithm is described in details on rc package page. If --config argument is provided, the file must be valid JSON or YAML.



MIT © Igor Shubovych