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from twisted.words.xish import domish
from wokkel.xmppim import MessageProtocol, AvailablePresence
from eizzek.lib.registry import registry
from eizzek.lib.resolver import PluginResolver
class EizzekProtocol(MessageProtocol):
CANT_UNDERSTANT = u"Sorry, I can't understand..."
def _my_jid(self):
return self.parent.jid.full()
def connectionMade(self):
print 'Connected'
def connectionLost(self, reason):
print 'Disconnected'
def onMessage(self, msg):
if msg["type"] == 'chat' and hasattr(msg, "body") and msg.body:
def answer(self, message):
resolver = PluginResolver()
conn_data = {
'message': message,
defer = resolver.resolve(unicode(message.body), conn_data)
defer.addCallback(self.send_response, to=message['from'])
except LookupError:
self.send_response(self.CANT_UNDERSTANT, to=message['from'])
def send_response(self, body, to):
reply = self.build_response(to, body)
def build_response(self, to, body):
reply = domish.Element((None, "message"))
reply["to"] = to
reply["from"] = self._my_jid
reply["type"] = 'chat'
reply.addElement("body", content=body)
return reply