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MongoDB ReplicaSet Manager

Command line utility to start and manage a ReplicaSet cluster in MongoDB

Under development

It's not done yet. The existing commands almost work... (see issues)


When developing a project using MongoDB I just realized we had this bug on production, when a primary node crashed and a new node was elected. But the application didn't survive because we didn't tested with replica sets (shame on me)!

Since then I've been trying to work with a local replica set. But it's boring! You need to start all nodes on different ports (locally) using different data dirs, call rs.initiate(), and so on...

The initial fase for this project is to help you, developer, to work with a local replica set on your machine. But it's quite easy to make it work on any environment if people find it useful.

Hope you enjoy, and contribute!


$ ./ -h
usage: [-h] {create,killnodes,listnodes} ...

MongoDB ReplicaSet Manager

positional arguments:
    create              Create new replica set
    listnodes           List all available nodes
    killnodes           Kill replica set nodes

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

How to contribute

  1. Create a fork on github (

  2. for development:

     $ cd replset-manager
     $ pip install -e .
  3. Run tests:

     $ ./runtests
     $ ./runtests help
  4. Commit(s), push, pull request

  5. There a couple scripts on dev-scripts/ you may found useful