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Samebug integration for JUnit 5.
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Samebug integration for JUnit 5.

Samebug is a debugging assistant for developers. It analyzes JVM stack traces to provide deep insights, rich context and technical expertise on them.

Latest Release

Samebug JUnit5 Extension 1.0.0


Add the dependency first:


Then, add the SamebugExtension.class to your test as you would add any other extension:

public class SampleTest {

    public void shouldCompareNumbers() {
        assertEquals(1, 3);

Then if and when a test fails, the extension will take the stack trace, take it to Samebug for analysis and will generate a url where one can see more details about the error and a possible solution for it.

The extension will log the url when you can all the additional info from the analysis:

Please visit for more info.

Properties file

Optionaly, you can add the file in your resource folder. You can set two different options:


  • Java 10.
  • The URL that you need access to see the results is logged, not printed. Because of that you will need a SLF4J implementation on your class path. Logback being the default choice.


Released under the terms of Apache License 2.0.

Samebug is a registered trademark of Samebug, Inc. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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