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_drafts oh look! a new post for tomorrow
_includes Keep those pesky HTML tags out of the page titles.
_layouts fix external links in feed
_plugins Remove space padding from day-of-month
_posts accidentally a word
css add computationbook, new version of knr cover
img blog post markov chains
js new version of highlight.js, lisp syntax highlighting
sexpr can has jekyll
.gitignore can has jekyll
Gemfile Fix feeds and tag pages to show the page.posts instead of site.posts
Gemfile.lock add support for remote posts, link to the right way piece
Makefile draft for introducing-stack Add credits back into README
_config.yml Update to jekyll v1.0 Allow overriding env.hosts via -H argument
index.atom atom feeds for tags
index.html atom feeds for tags add mccarthy lisp paper
resume.pdf can has jekyll
robots.txt can has jekyll cute little interpreters more stuff

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