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My bash startup script

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  This is my basic bash config setup.  It stores all my config files,
executable scripts, and basic bash settings.  The goal is to be BSD/
Cygwin/GNU compatible, so it can work on my windows, mac, and linux
machines at the same time from the same codebase.  It also tries to be
safe to add to .bashrc and .bash_profile so that it won't output
noise and kill scp or ssh.

The bashrc start script is split into three parts:
(1) Generic bash stuff
* Things I would want to run anywhere.  Work, home, web server, etc
** Generic startup commands should go inside /bashrc
** Generic binary files should go inside /bin
(2) Per group files
* These are things I would want to run on every work, or every school,
** Per group startup commands should go inside /group/group.bash
** Per group binary files should go inside /group/bin
(3) Per hostname files
* These are startup commands I want to run only on specific hosts
** Per hostname files should go inside group/hostnames

Generally, the directory inside /group is a .git repository private for
the context of that group.

cd ~
git clone git://
cd jackbash
cd ..
rm -rf jackbash
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