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Heterogenous System (oF-ofxLua-SuperCollider-Emacs)
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Gea: Heterogenous System (oF-ofxLua-SuperCollider-Emacs)

GEA (Graphics Engine for Artists) is an Heterogeneous System for Live Visuals with the use Dynamic Algorithmic Score developed by Aris Bezas (aka igoumeninja).

The required software of GEA are the following:

Emacs configuration for sendind OSC messages

;; Use emacs as interpreter
;; Aris Bezas 8:27 AM Apr 18, 2013
;; ========================================

;; Send OSC messages with Emacs include osc.el from at

;; Create SuperColider and openFrameworks OSC clients
(setq sc-client (osc-make-client "" 57120))
(setq of-client (osc-make-client "" 12345))
(setq gea-client (osc-make-client "" 12345))

(defun send-test-osc ()  (interactive)
  (osc-send-message sc-client "1,2,3 Test"))

(defun update-script ()  (interactive) (save-buffer)
  (osc-send-message gea-client "updateScript" (buffer-file-name)))
(global-set-key (kbd "s-<return>") 'update-script)

(defun add-script ()  (interactive) (save-buffer)
  (osc-send-message gea-client "addScript" (buffer-file-name)))
(global-set-key (kbd "C-M-+") 'add-script)

(defun shader ()  (interactive) (save-buffer)
  (osc-send-message gea-client "updateShaders"))

(defun doshader ()  (interactive) (save-buffer)
  (osc-send-message gea-client "doShader"))

(menu-bar-mode -1)

Include MIDI

The GEA xcode project is including ofxMIDI addon. To make it work follow the ofxMIDI instruction from

Usefull tips

Fix flickering with ofSetBackgroundAuto(true) (OPTIONAL)

  • Fix bug from mypost at OF forum [fn:offorumpost]. If flickering is a problem, there is a change you can make deep inside OF:
    1. open ofAppGlutWindow.cpp from ./libs/openFrameworks/app
    2. search replace GLUT_DOUBLE with GLUT_SINGLE
    3. search replace glutSwapBuffers with glFlush. This will help with ofSetBackgroundAuto(false), but it will make ofSetBackgroundAuto(true) look bad.
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