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  1. npm run build: This is used to build all files and run all tasks without serving a development server and watching for changes.
  2. npm start: This is the normal development script used to build all files and run all tasks, but also to serve a development server and watch for changes.

What happens?

  • Copy HTML files from src to dist directory
  • Compile Sass to CSS, autoprefix, minify CSS and put it inside dist directory
  • Compile ES6+ to ES5, concatenate JS files and minify code
  • Compress and copy images into dist directory
  • Copy dependencies specified in package.json from src/node_modules directory into node_modules folder inside dist directory
  • Import dependencies into your application with ES6 modules
  • Spin up local dev server at http://localhost:3000 including auto-reloading

What types of images are supported?

  • PNG
  • JPG / JPEG
  • GIF
  • SVG
  • ICO (not compressed)

How can I specify dependencies which are then copied to the dist folder?

You don't need to specify your dependencies anywhere else than in your package.json file. Just install your dependencies via npm and all your dependencies get automatically loaded and copied into the dist folder.

How can I load dependencies inside my application?

ES6 modules are supported by this Gulp Starter Kit. Just install your dependencies and import them like so:

import axios from 'axios';


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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