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.github added contribution guidelines and issue template Oct 19, 2017
debian bumped Debian standards version to 3.9.4 Dec 14, 2013
doc igraph_tree_game: documentation May 1, 2018
examples igraph_all_st_cuts() now accepts partition1s = NULL, closes #1101 May 28, 2018
include igraph_tree_game: new method based on loop-erased random walk, suppor… May 1, 2018
interfaces Revert "Remove cs and dependent functions from the R package" Mar 5, 2018
msvc DLL Imports/Exports and fixes for Visual Studio Builds (#958) Aug 14, 2016
nexus R: rename most functions for a better API, #553 Oct 7, 2014
optional R simpleraytracer: remove USE_RINTERNALS Apr 25, 2017
src update documentation about isolated vertices not being biconnected co… Jun 5, 2018
tests igraph_from_prufer: tests May 1, 2018
tools added --enable-asan switch to configure script to help building with … Sep 12, 2017
.gitignore Update gitignore with msvc generated test directory Jul 18, 2016
.travis.yml installing packages without sudo in Travis Aug 14, 2015
AUTHORS Updated my email and postal addresses. May 20, 2012
CONTRIBUTING.md Update contribution guide for standalone C library Jan 14, 2015
COPYING Adding/updating copyright notices and license information Mar 4, 2006
ChangeLog Readded (empty) ChangeLog file, needed for automake. May 21, 2012
INSTALL.WINDOWS Remove python compilation shortcut Jul 17, 2016
Makefile.am Remove python compilation shortcut Jul 17, 2016
NEWS Removed old NEWS files, it's all in NEWS now. Nov 12, 2013
README.md use an SVG icon to indicate build status because that's nicer May 11, 2015
TODO R interface: documentation updates Jun 6, 2007
appveyor.yml Set PATH to include DLL before tests Jul 21, 2016
bootstrap.sh don't save rejections file when libtool is already patched Sep 13, 2017
configure.ac A portability fix for configure.ac May 24, 2018
igraph.pc.in generated igraph.pc file now refers to required private libraries cor… Nov 28, 2013
igraph_Info.plist.in make framework now compiles a Mac OS X framework version of igraph Jun 20, 2007