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Installation Instructions
* download cygwin installer and install it and the following packages:
'setup.exe -q -P automake,autoconf2.5,libtool,flex,bison,libxml2-devel,gcc-g++,gcc-core,make,libgmp-devel,util-linux,git,zip'
* change into cygwin: Cygwin.bat
* clone igraph and change dir: git clone;cd igraph
* set the right line endding: git config core.autocrlf false
* checkout develop branch: git checkout origin/develop
* compile with "./; ./configure; make" or "./; ./configure; make msvc" if you only want the msvc build to compile with msvc (python)
MSVC compilation (needed for python)
* Open windows commandline and switch to igraph\igraph-msvc\igraph-<version>-msvc
* set the environment by using one of
'call "%VCINSTALLDIR%\bin\vcvars32.bat"' (32 bit) or
'call "%VCINSTALLDIR%\bin\vcvars64.bat"' (64 bit)
* upgrade the vcproj file to the right version: 'vcbuild /upgrade'
* Compile igraph with 'vcbuild igraph.vcproj "release|x64"'
* Switch to the python interface: 'cd ..\interfaces\python'
* Trick the python compiler into using the environment variables from the
above vcvars call: 'set DISTUTILS_USE_SDK=1'
* Compile python-igraph to a *.exe installer with 'python bdist_wininst'
If you have problems with the python compilations